“They shall be mine,” says the Lord of hosts,
on the day that I make them my jewels.”  Malachi 3:17

Who is this for?

This is for 4th-6th grade girls.  Ask about mini-BLINGS and Jr. Leaders!


Bling enjoys advertised monthly events, usually on the third Saturday of the month.


The activity determines whether the meeting is at church or at another location.

Our Purpose

The Royal Order of the BLING BLING Sisterhood strives to  help young girls understand how precious they are to God.  God views those who belong to Him as jewels or treasures.  How different that is compared to how the world sees us!  Often the world leaves us feeling more like gravel than jewels.

What's Happening?

Using God-centered lessons, lots of fun and ceremonies with purpose, the sisterhood encourages girls to grow in relationship with one another and with God.  Emphasizing love, patience and kindness, the girls learn to lead and serve each other.


Under the leadership of Cindi Beeman, a prayer team of church women has been mobilized to pray for our young ladies.  Helping with planning and events is yet another team of gals who serve alongside Cindi and have submitted to background and reference checks.