Home Life Groups (September - June)

Starting this fall, we will be offering opportunities for adults to connect in homes throughout the week.  Around kitchen tables and in living rooms they will gather for study, encouragement and fun.

Please contact our office or see our calendar for more info on these groups.  

Men's Groups

Our men meet for breakfast the third Saturday of every month (September- June).  The coffee is on by 6:45am and our topics of discussion vary.  Our men have also enjoyed conferences & retreats, camping trips, and golf outings. The goal is to nurture and grow men who will lead both their families and the Church, now and in the future.  

Please contact our office or see our calendar for more info on these groups.  

Women's Groups

From time-to-time we offer specific groups just for women.  Currently, they enjoy Wednesday Brown Bag Lunches together.  Throughout the year, our gals also enjoy conferences & retreats, pool parties, Christmas Yankee swaps, luncheons and Secret Sister fun. 

Please contact our office or see our calendar for more info on these groups.  

Mixed Groups

Currently we have several mixed groups that meet weekly during the day.   

As with our other groups, you'll want to check in with our office or see our calendar to see what might suit your needs.